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Tom Kerley, Sr. founded his business over 30 years ago and has built the company's sterling reputation every day by delivering quality business sign solutions for every customer and company.

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3D Signs and lobby logos are not printed wares. They start your day when you walk in the office, they form the first impression when your customers and clients visit you, and they should build on every other branded interaction they have had with you.

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Lobby Logos and 3D Signs

Loyalty and brand recognition are incredibly important to every organization. When it comes to interior signage, one of the most critical aspects is your logo. You can make your logo and image "Pop" by installing a 3D sign in your lobby. Don't just trust the image of your business to just any sign company. Kerley Signs has been manufacturing and installing signs for nearly 30 years. And with that experience has come the ability to create exquisitely constructed and highly detailed signs. We're involved with every step of the process, all the way from design up to installation. We'll help you brainstorm ideas and create a sign that works in the setting you need it installed.

The Power of 3D Signage

The options for the composition of your sign are almost limitless, incorporating a wide range of effects and materials, from plain acrylic cut-outs to a variety of lighting effects such as neon and back lighting. When crafted skillfully, 3D signs give your business increased visibility and novelty, which can help it stand out from the visual onslaught customers are subjected to every day.

The Importance of Lobby Logos

Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, especially in business. This is one of the reasons we place such an emphasis on signs, logos and the imagery that we employ to best represent us. When a customer is entering your business, at some level, your first impression has succeeded. A great outdoor sign is an important part of a first impression and it goes a long way toward attracting customers. After its work is done, a good Lobby Logo will continue to impart valuable information to your customers. At best, a lobby logo will continue building the positive image of your business or non-profit organization by giving a sense of its values and ideals. At worst, a poor lobby logo can show your customers that you're not detail oriented and thus won't be responsive to their needs.

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Gold or silver, polished or brushed aluminum finishes make for a beautiful Lobby Logo to represent your company. We can take any existing logo and give it a great, classy look!

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Creative Sign Solutions

With limited space available, the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute came to us for the perfect Lobby Logo solution. The logo seen here is in a recessed wall space and allows for natural window light illumination.

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