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Both private and public organizations today take time to develop their brand image. The situation is no different with non-profit organizations. If you haven't already developed a logo to represent your brand, you may want to consider the following important factors:

Why non-profits should invest in their logos & signs

Your non-profit's logo will become the trademark of the organization. It is therefore important to invest in 3D signs for non-profits as part of building your organization’s identity. Your logo is important because:

  1. It embodies the reputation and goodwill of the organization. The logo helps the public, donors and other concerned entities easily identify the organization and remember its services or products.
  2. Your logo will also help the public, other organizations and donors to differentiate your organization from other organizations. A logo is a trademark that is unique to a specific organization and therefore is part of its identity. This is especially important when non-profits are competing for donor funding. Donors are able to easily distinguish between organizations because of their logos.
  3. A great logo, portrayed consistently particular in dimensional signs, help explain the mission of non-profits enabling the public, donors and other organizations easily identify the organization’s ideals and functions.

Considerations for 3D signs for non-profits

If you are now convinced that you need a logo for your non-profit, you ought to consider investing in 3D logo and sign design for non-profits. These signs can be placed indoors or outdoors. The following are some factors that will be considered in the design of the signs:

  • Your logo doesn't have to show exactly what you do. But it is advisable to include a hint of your ideals, principles or cause in the logo design. Many non-profits prefer to use abstract designs that hint at what they are about. These are modern and easy to replicate. They also make for unique logo designs.
  • The design must look good in black and white. The logo should therefore be able to convey its message without the use of color. This makes it possible for the logo to be effective even when included in print media such as newspapers as well as in faxes or black and white print outs.
  • The logo should be unique to the organization and what the non-profit wants to convey through its logo. The logo should therefore incorporate a unique image. Images already in use by other organizations especially those serving the same cause should be avoided.

It is important to get your logo designed professionally. We not only design logos but also incorporate them into attractive 3D signs for non-profits. Contact us today for more information.

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