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If you're on this page, you've probably already decided to get an eye-catching, distinctive 3D sign for your business or establishment - 3D signs look classy, modern, are more visible and afford a far greater range of design solutions than do flat signs, making them a fantastic investment for anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd.

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However, just building a sign is not enough - you need to make sure that it's visible and vibrant at all times of day and under any lighting, and this is where illuminated 3D signs come in.

Signs can be illuminated in 2 ways - internally or externally. External lighting involves a spotlight, floodlight or some other light source pointed at the sign; internal illumination means having lights installed inside the sign, lighting it from within.

Whether your sign is installed indoors or outdoors, external lighting is usually the less expensive option - all you would need is to install 1-2 off-the-shelf LED spotlights with reflectors and point them in the right direction.

An internally illuminated 3D sign needs expert wiring, rigging and waterproofing; it has to have its own power source and be up to code in terms of fire and electrical hazards.

Despite this, many of our customers opt for internal illumination, because the advantages are undeniable - internally-lit signs allow for many more vibrant design solutions than signs that have to rely on ambient lighting. Seeing a sign with glowing, multi-colored transparency letters or opaque back-lit artwork creates a dramatic impact that would be hard to match with passive lighting.

In addition, internally-lit 3D signs also have an edge in terms of visibility - in studies done at Penn State University, internally illuminated signs always outperformed externally illuminated signs, being more readable at higher speeds, and more noticeable in dark and inclement weather.

Whichever option you choose for your business, church, office or any other establishment, we will create an illuminated 3D sign that meets the strictest regulations and your most exacting standards!

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