Lobby Logos & 3D Signs Portfolio Showcase of Our Work

3PRIME Lobby Logo

Custom Cut Solid Acrylic 3D Lettering

Atapco Lobby Logo

Suspended Lobby Logo

Bang Salon Lobby Logo

Custom Cut Solid Acrylic 3D Lettering

Emmes Corporation Logo

Custom Cut 3D Titanium Lettering

NECA Lobby Logo

Solid Stainless Steel Logo and 3D Lettering

HR Connect Lobby Logo

Solid Acrylic Logo with Brushed Gold Anodized Aluminum Faces

J Marshall Lobby Logo

Custom Cut Solid Acrylic Logo

Miravo Communications Lobby Logo

3-Dimensional Logo with Solid Acrylic Lettering

Network Designs lobby Logo

Illuminated Sign with Push Through 3D Lettering

AOL Lobby Logo

The AOL lobby logo is custom made individual acrylic pieces, with silver anodized aluminum and custom paint mounted to a large wood backer panel.


The Auras lobby logo is constructed of highly polished stainless steel and projection mounted to an interior surface.


The Commonwealth Orthopaedics lobby logo is 3/8" thick custom cut solid acrylic with brushed gold anodized aluminum faces.

eBay Lobby Logo

The Ebay lobby logo is an internally illuminated channel letter using 4 colors of neon and mounted to an interior wall surface.